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About Us

TrueLane has been investing in single family rental homes and revitalizing communities across the United States since 2012. Our institutional management team are pioneers in the SFR space and have extensive experience across real estate and finance sectors. We aggregate data from myriad sources and leverage advanced modeling techniques to identify financially attractive real estate acquisition opportunities in the specific neighborhoods within growing rental markets where quality tenants want to live. Then, we leverage our comprehensive platform to efficiently acquire, refurbish, lease and manage those homes.

Our focus on quality, affordability and customer service sets us apart. At TrueLane, we believe our residents are our customers and that happy customers will renew year after year. Our deep network of real estate professionals and highly-skilled partners inspect every prospective home purchase and oversee every renovation to ensure each house is elevated to the level of a True Home™. And, we hire experienced, knowledgeable, and responsive people who constantly look for ways to improve processes and leverage technology to delight our customers with a truly exceptional rental home experience.